ПОХОД В ЛЕС ЗИМОЙ С НОЧЁВКОЙ (лагерь, нодья, хаски, мясо на костре)

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Hey. In this video, as usual, I went to the winter forest with an overnight stay. Overnight without tent. He broke camp, made a suspension - tripod, chopped wood. By evening, he set up a small node of three logs, which worked for about five hours. He made a simple shelter of an awning, put pine spruce on the ground and went to sleep in a sleeping bag. The night was warm.List of equipment:Knives "Steel Tusks" (promo code for Bushcraft34rus discount) Sleeping bag RED FOX Yeti -20Husqvarna Hatchet AxSaw Silky BigBoy 360Pad Alexika ExpertTHB Kungur bootsPants Zillant “Sand”Termukha RF Armed Forces VKBO 2 layerAwning - poncho sun of the NetherlandsFlashlight Fenix ​​HL 60RBivouac bag - UK Sun

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